Basis is not a toric lens (i.e., designed specifically to correct Astigmatism), but our consultants will check your eyes and make calculations to get you the best possible vision without Astigmatism correction.

For those with low Astigmatism, the difference in visual quality can be compensated for based on adjustments we make during your eye assessment. Come in for a trial to find out if Basis is suitable for you – no strings attached! We’re also happy to chat and give you a preliminary view before coming by to see us – many of our members send us pictures of their current prescriptions. We promise to be objective and upfront about your needs.

That said, if your astigmatism is high side, and / or have personally experienced a significant difference in your visual acuity with toric vs. non-toric lenses, please wait till we launch our toric range of contact lenses in the future. =)

We’re working on toric lenses! You can register your interest by dropping us a note at hello@twooak.com.

Yes they are! Basis’ quality, safety and performance has been reviewed and approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Additionally, our manufacturing facilities are certified and regularly reviewed by governing medical device regulators in the U.S., EU, and Japan.

It’s on the house! =) (fine print: 15 minutes of your time though – we’ll do our best to make it worth your while!)

Yes please! The eyetest at our Studio comes with free trial pairs. No strings attached!

You can buy or subscribe on the spot at the Studio and pickup your lenses immediately. =)

Nope! We have a la carte purchase options too. =)

Absolutely! Just drop us a note at hello@twooak.com and we’ll edit your delivery and billing schedule for you.

Yes. Contact lenses are medical devices. We’ll give you a full eye check and a prescription when you visit us at The Studio. We’ll need your prescription on file for you to purchase our product and for every subscription order and renewal.

Not at this time. We’d like to see you personally to make sure Basis is right for you.

Basis is a hydrogel daily disposable contact lens indicated for the correction of myopia and is suitable for astigmatic wearers subject to satisfactory visual acuity. Basis has a Dk of 20.7, BC of 8.7, DIA of 14.1 and a CT of 0.08mm to 0.12mm.

Basis is approved for use in Singapore by the Health Sciences Authority. Basis provides Class 1 UV blocking – the only hydrogel daily lens to offer this in Singapore.

We’ll monitor your prescription expiry date and send you a reminder to get an updated prescription. If your prescription expires in the middle of a prepaid term, we’ll ship your remaining lenses in the last month before your prescription expires.

We want you to get our products easily and quickly. If your package does not contain what you ordered, arrives damaged, or your prescription has changed over the course of an on-going subscription, we’ll go out of our way to replace or exchange it in a timely and satisfactory manner.

We cannot accept returns of product that have been opened or used.

Please feel free to email hello@twooak.com for further clarifications! =)

At this time we only ship within Singapore. If you live outside of Singapore and would like to be notified when our product is available in your country, please email hello@twooak.com and we’ll keep you posted.

Orders placed before 12pm ship the next working day by 1-3 day tracked courier delivery.

You can switch between any four subscription plans at any time. Just login to your account and click the “Subscriptions” panel under your dashboard.

Yes! Just login to your account to manage your subscriptions online. You can cancel or pause a subscription by suspending it. =)

You can update your address any time prior to shipment by logging into your account and clicking Addresses > Edit Shipping Address