All delivery orders (including online trial order purchases, and whether you’ve seen us for an eyetest at the Studio) are processed and shipped from Hong Kong

All orders received before 11AM SGT will ship the same working day by 2-3 working days tracked courier delivery.

Requests to cancel or hold orders can only be processed before 11AM SGT, please email us at hello@twooak.com for urgent requests.

Please be aware that you are responsible for any local regulations, customs procedures and duties associated with personally importing contact lenses (Terms & Conditions →). Including that personal imports are permitted for amounts not exceeding three months’ supply. Please review Singapore customs and Health Sciences Authority’s websites for latest information.


We ship to Malaysia and Hong Kong! 🥳 You can place your order online as usual. Please email us for latest expected shipping times.


We ship to you too! But please get in touch directly by email so we can advise on shipping charges and delivery times.

Start a subscription and try your first 10 pairs of Basis contact lenses for just $9.99. We’ll send your first subscription shipment automatically after 15 days of the trial, which will continue at the frequency you select. You’re in complete control over your plan and you can edit or cancel at any time, or stop the subscription and buy a la carte on our product page if you prefer!

If you need a prescription or would like to check your eyes, you can come by The Studio for a free eyetest anytime, which comes with 3 free trial pairs (Jan/Feb 2021). No strings attached and no purchase required! It’ll only take about 20 mins of your time, or 30 mins if you’ve never worn lenses before.

Do note that the free online trial offer is limited to first-time customers who have not previously received trial lenses, including the ones received at The Studio after consultation.

Please do not make repeat or duplicate redemptions of the trial offer as the order will be cancelled and subject to a restocking fee.

Yes they are! Basis’ quality, safety and performance has been reviewed and approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Additionally, our manufacturing facilities are certified and regularly reviewed by governing medical device regulators in the U.S., EU, and Japan.

Basis is not a toric lens (i.e., not designed specifically to correct astigmatism), but your optometrist can  check your eyes and make calculations to get you the best possible vision without astigmatism correction. If your astigmatism is low (CYL -1.00 or below), there’s a good chance our Basis lens will work for you.

Definitely seek advice from a qualified optometrist, or visit us to find out if you’re suitable for non-toric lenses. Eyetests at the Studio are free →

Please note that spectacles prescriptions are different from contact lens prescriptions. If your spectacle spherical power is above ±4.00, your contact lens power should be lower. You can find your contact lens prescription printed on your contact lens box or on the blister foils. If you have a CYL (Cylindrical) component in your contact lens prescription, they are written for toric lenses, and not suited for Basis.

Don’t have a contact lens prescription? Visit a qualified optometrist or visit us for a complimentary eyetest →

Basis is a hydrogel daily disposable contact lens indicated for the correction of myopia and is suitable for astigmatic wearers (less than -2.00 CYL) subject to satisfactory visual acuity. Basis has a Dk of 20.7, BC of 8.7, DIA of 14.1 and a CT of 0.08mm to 0.12mm. Dk/t is 25.9 (CT 0.08mm; fatt corrected).

Basis is manufactured in Taiwan, and is approved for use in Singapore by the Health Sciences Authority. Basis provides Class 1 UV blocking – the only hydrogel daily lens to offer this in Singapore.

It’s on the house! =) (fine print: 20 minutes of your time though – we’ll do our best to make it worth your while!) Book your free eyetest here →

If you get 10 trial pairs shipped to you, you are automatically put on a subscription plan that will start 15 days after your trial lenses order. You can edit, pause, or cancel this subscription at any time on your account dashboard. We have a la carte purchase options too. =)

Absolutely! Just login to your account and click the “Subscriptions” panel under your dashboard. You can switch between subscriptions, change the degree, or make adjustments to the shipment frequency or next renewal date. Do note that any change in the subscription plan will only be effected at your next renewal date.

Yes! Just login to your account to manage your subscriptions online. You can edit, pause or cancel your subscription by going to My Account >>> Subscriptions >>> View Subscription

If you have seen us for an eye test before, you can find it under the “Account Details” section in your account dashboard.

You can update your address any time prior to shipment by logging into your account and clicking Addresses > Edit Shipping Address

We want you to get our products easily and quickly. If your package does not contain what you ordered, arrives damaged, or your prescription has changed over the course of an on-going subscription, we’ll go out of our way to replace or exchange it in a timely and satisfactory manner.

We cannot accept returns of product that have been opened or used.

Please feel free to email hello@twooak.com for further clarifications! =)