Designed to be easy on the eyes, Basis contains 55% water and a precise 45% blend of three hydrogel active ingredients that organically retain moisture to form a soft and supple lens. Each lens comes in a pure pH-balanced saline solution free of additives and demulcents.

1 MTH | 2 SLEEVES | 30+30 LENSES

Dripping in finesse

Unlike most mass produced contacts molded in a dry and crispy form then hydrated after the fact, Basis is manufactured in a continuous soft and wet state from start to finish. The result? Smooth, fresh lenses that stay moist and comfy all-day long.

First class UV protection

Basis is one of very few Class 1 lenses that blocks >99% of UVB and >90% of UVA rays. Conventional Class 2 contacts only block 95% UVB and 50-70% UVA.


Buy a la carte ($24-$25 per sleeve)
2 Sleeves $50 | 4 Sleeves $98 | 6 Sleeves $144
Shipped to you for +$2.50, or pickup for free at our Studio.

Or subscribe to see more for less (as low as $18.75 per sleeve)
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Plans Price
Pay: $50 every 4 weeks $25/sleeve
Receive: 2 sleeves every 4 weeks monthly plan
Pay: $135 every 12 weeks $22.50/sleeve
Receive: 6 sleeves every 12 weeks 3 month plan
Pay: $240 every 24 weeks $20/sleeve
Receive: 6 sleeves every 12 weeks 6 month plan
Pay $450 every 48 weeks $18.75/sleeve
Receive: 6 sleeves every 12 weeks 12 month plan

The Fine Print

Quality, safety and performance reviewed and approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Each and every finished lens is machine-inspected before packaging.