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1. First 10 pairs for just $9.99

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Subscribe online and try your first 10 pairs of Basis contact lenses for just $9.99. You’ll have 15 days to try out Basis before your regular subscription plan (select below) begins.
Limited to new customers who have not previously received trial lenses. One redemption per customer.

Online trial orders are processed and shipped from Hong Kong. Please see our Help for delivery times and more info.

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2. Your paid subscription – Starts in 15 days

Each sleeve contains 30 daily disposable contact lenses. All subscriptions ship for free. Pause, edit or cancel your subscription anytime online.

You can customize your shipment / delivery frequency! Just login to your account after you've placed your order.


$50 for 1 Month Supply (30 pairs)
2 x sleeves @ $25 per sleeve

$92 for 2 Month Supply (60 pairs)
4 x sleeves @ $23 per sleeve (save 8%)

$126 for 3 Month Supply (90 pairs)
6 x sleeves @ $21 per sleeve (save 16%)

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